The Institute is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support American history education across the country.

Independent schools must be part of our Affiliate School Program for a teacher from the school to apply to the Gilder Lehrman Teacher Seminars. If your school is not a member of our Affiliate School Program, click here to register.

To enable teachers from independent schools to attend teacher seminars, Gilder Lehrman underwrites a portion of the cost and asks applicants to secure matching funds of $1,625 from their school and from other sources as needed. If a teacher is commuting or attending on a day basis (with no room and board), we ask that they underwrite half of the match, $812.50.

Because many independent schools offer professional development funds, we ask independent school teachers, when they apply to Gilder Lehrman for a seminar, to apply simultaneously for matching funds from their school and other sources.

If you teach at an independent school that is not a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and does not offer professional development funds, please have the head of your school write a letter detailing this information and send it to:

Teacher Seminars Program
The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
49 West 45th Street, 6th Floor
New York, New York 10036

Once accepted to a seminar, independent school teachers enroll under the same benefits and conditions as other teachers at the seminar. Independent school teachers will receive the same travel reimbursement as all participants.


  • Of the $75 registration fee (payable when you accept your place), $50 will be refunded after successful completion of the seminar.
  • If you have to cancel 30 days or more before the seminar start date, your school will be refunded all money paid EXCEPT the $75 registration fee.
  • If you have to cancel 15–30 days before the seminar start date, up to 50% may be refunded.
  • Less than 15 days prior to start of seminar, NO REFUND will be made.
  • There can be no reimbursement for any travel costs incurred prior to withdrawal.