Immigration and Migration

by Hasia Diner

The United States emerged in the last third of the nineteenth century as an industrial powerhouse, producing goods that then circulated around the world. People in distant countries used American-made clothes, shoes, textiles, machines, steel, oil, rubber, and tools, among other finished products. They also ate foods grown in American soil and relied upon America’s iron ore, coal, and lumber, all transported from the hinterlands to the great shipping ports by American-built railroads. This frenzy of production transformed the United States in the decades following the Civil War, making it the most dynamic economic engine in the world.More »

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“The Americanese wall - as Congressman [John Lawson] Burnett would build it ,” 1

Immigration cartoon, 1916

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Literacy and the immigration of “undesirables,” 1903

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Workingmen’s Party of California, “Chinatown declared a nuisance!” 1880

San Francisco’s Chinatown, 1880

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Immigrant America

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